Matt Pocket: Play-by-Play Voice of Oakland University

The voice on the radio, broadcasting Oakland University men’s and women’s basketball, sounds like a seasoned play-by-play veteran with years of experience.

While Matt Pocket, a 21-year-old senior communications major at Oakland, does have plenty of broadcasting experience, he is talented beyond his years while on the microphone.

And if you haven’t heard his voice, you should. If there’s one thing about Pocket that stands out to listeners, it’s definitely that.

“Once you hear Matt Pocket’s voice, you can’t forget it,” Trevor Lee, a student and Oakland basketball fan, said.

The Beginning

Pocket began doing play-by-play as a junior at Warren Cousino High School in Warren, Mich.

At the time, WPHS, the school’s student-ran radio station, did not do any sports broadcasting. Pocket, though, wanted to change that and began broadcasting football and basketball games for the school.

In an effort to get better, Pocket then asked if the broadcasting could expand to more athletic events. The school agreed, and Pocket began broadcasting soccer, hockey, and other events.

After Pocket graduated from Cousino High School in 2008, he stayed involved with the station for a year—while attending Oakland—to insure a smooth transition.

Play-by-play voice of OU basketball

When Pocket started at 88.3-FM WXOU, in August 2008, he did pregame and postgame for men’s and women’s basketball.

After working hard and making himself readily available at all times, Pocket was given the opportunity to take the play-by-play job for women’s basketball.

Pocket again proved his worth with a great work ethic and passion for the game and his responsibilities.

The position for men’s play-by-play became available three years ago and Pocket took over the position. He’s been there ever since and has been able to be a part of two NCAA tournaments and a lot of wins for the Golden Grizzlies.

“I’ve gotten to see a lot of good days here at Oakland University in my time with WXOU radio,” Pocket said.

Pocket’s success culminated this year when he, and his color commentator and good friend, Bryan Everson, won the Michigan Broadcaster’s Association award for best college play-by-play. It was the second time Pocket has won the award, but it was extra special this time around, because it helped WXOU secure their first “Station of the Year” award.

“I think the biggest thing is we always put in a lot of effort,” Everson said. “We put in 110 percent effort.”

Despite graduating in December, Pocket has no plans of leaving his job when classes are over.

“I plan on sticking around for the next year,” Pocket said. “I’ve got a couple of credits to finish up, but I want to stick around for another season to help develop and recruit talent. Plus, I like my job. I get to broadcast Division I college basketball. That’s a pretty good gig, all things considered.”


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