A Musical Database — Spotify

Do you love music, but not enough to pay for each song on iTunes? Well, there’s now a cheaper solution – Spotify.

Launched in 2008, Spotify is an online music database that allows Facebook users the opportunity to download music for free. However, if users want to use the service for music on their phones, then they can use a credit or debit card for a 30-day free trial. If they would like service to continue after the free trial, then it costs $9.99 per month.

Recently, I downloaded three Mat Kearney CD’s – “Young Love”, “City of Black & White” and “Nothing Left to Lose.” To buy those on iTunes, it would have cost me $24.97, not including tax – almost the same price of the first four months using Spotify (including the free trial month).

On Spotify, there are three ways to search for music – by song, artist, or album. Then, after choosing a song, there is an info button the user can hit and Spotify will give you other artists and songs that you may like, based on your previous selection.

Finally, the best part of Spotify is that downloads are always legal. The founder of the company, Daniel Ek, said the reason behind the company’s existence was to find an alternative to illegal piracy.

And, unlike most other legal music databases, Spotify offers millions of songs and has agreements with many of the largest label companies, including, Universal, Sony, and more.

Oh, and seriously, check out Mat Kearney, he’s really good.


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