Just Link It, Already!

Want to get create the next great blog and get rich doing it? “Blogs to Riches” will give you the vital information needed to do just that. But, it will also warn you that getting on the A-list of blogs, and maintaining your position there, is not easy.

The main point established by the blog is that getting your blog to the A-list is not easy and it all relates back to the “power-law distribution.” Those blogs that have already reached the elite status, will continue to stay there – granted their writer(s) continue to blog frequently – due to the amount of times they are linked.

According to Clay Shirky, if you take 1,000 people and have them post links to their favorite blogs, a feedback loop will emerge. Those lucky blogs that are linked by the first few people, will grow rapidly because others will be influenced by the linkage from earlier lists. Shirky says that although the content between the blogs may be equal, it’s all about being one of the chosen few.

The most important information this article tried to stress was the importance of linking for your blog.

But, I wanted to go further, and see the impact that social media had on linking. And, according to Dan Taylor, social media provides a great avenue to link your blog to.

Through social media, according to Taylor, a person can join groups, become an active participant, post their link and gain traffic to their blog. Plus, unlike other avenues that require somebody to follow your blog in order to view it, social media can allow your blog to be viewed by people who didn’t know it existed.

While it is not easy to become a millionaire from blogging, there is a chance. But, don’t forget that “linking” is the key word to success when it comes to that area.

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