The Independent News Site

The Huffington Post is an independent news site that launched on May 9, 2005 and quickly became one of the most popular weblogs. According to the eBiz MBA, it is currently the sixth most popular online news site with nearly 54 million visitors every month. In February 2011, AOL purchased the website for $315 million.

The website gives readers the option to choose between four different front pages depending on their location. The options are USA, UK, Canada and France.

The website, which is updated frequently and offers breaking news coverage, allows readers to choose from a wide-array of news topics. Whether it is the latest political buzz, an update on your favorite celebrity, or the most moves by your favorite team, Huffington Post has it.

At the top of every page are tabs that allow readers to easily navigate through the website.  Readers can search for content by scrolling to the bottom of each page and finding the search bar. Although it can be difficult to locate, the search is very thorough.

Maybe the most popular feature on the website is the HuffPost Social News , which allows readers to sign-up through their Facebook and interact with friends. Here, users can see their friends’ comments, how they are voting on polls and other information.

Other popular independent news sites that you may be interested in, include, The Real News, The Independent (UK-based), and Project Censored.

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